Welcome to Cyberpawz.com, I have neglected this site for too long, and because of such I will be creating a flash website soon. I just need to learn the new Macromedia Suite, which I now have in my possession.

Below are two main sections and a smaller section in where photos are hosted. The first is Ratty Image Service, which is a free service, but for only hosting images of pets in general. The OPP or Other People's Photos are for everything else non-furry.

The first 50MB of space is free in OPP, after that for $5/yr you will have 1GB of free space. I will be creating and expanding the OPP more and more in the near future with creations of my own. I will be learning PHP, MySQL, HTTP, and Flash to give the people of OPP who decide to buy into it, a good image hosting experiance. It will take time, but I hope to set up an Email server, as well as other services for the OPP clientel.

So give it time and the OPP will be worth much more than the $5/yr you will put into it :)

Other People's Photos

Sorry about no logo, the service is too new right now, and I will get one together once I get some photos up there.