Watching old friends go over the Rainbow Bridge

By: Cyberpawz

Watching friends go over the Rainbow Bridge.
These are friends whom I have told stories to.
Told many, "I love you." to.
Have spent, time grooming.
Have spent, time cuddling.
Have spent, loving.

In return, they have showed me kindness.
They have shown me unconditional love.
They have shown me forgiveness.
They have shown me how not to be judgmental.
They have shown me how to be a better person.

We have shared time together.
We have shared laughs together.
We have shared tears together.
We have shared hardships together.

We have wrestled.
We have cuddled.
We have smiled.
We shared bones.
We shared seeds.
We have shared wet noses.
As well as dry noses.
Long tails.
Short tails.
Furry tails.
Slender tails.
Wagging tails.
And no tails.
Loud barks.
Soft Squeaks.
All with a meaning.
All with a story.

But no matter how long you try, how long you love, you still watch your friends go to the Rainbow Bridge.

The day always comes.
The day is always though of as a long time away, but is never far enough away.
Our friends always know the day is coming before we do.
They show it though their eyes.
Always trying to seem to hold on to life one last day...just for me.
Trying to be my friend, one more day.
Never asking to go, but knowing they should.
Their old bodies sometimes wracked with pain.
Or too old to get up.
But their eyes always show that they love me.
When it is time, it seems they always go in my arms.
Either by themselves, or with a little help from the vet.
That last breath they give, a deep sigh or regret to not being able to hold on?
Or to finally say thank you for understanding?

I have seen many old friends go over the Rainbow Bridge.
The time will come one day where we will come back together, and never be apart.
But for now, their memories live in my heart.
Their lessons never forgotten.
Their faces and actions never lost to me.
Their love never misplaced.

For one day soon, I will see them on the other side of that bridge.

But for now.

I will keep sending old friends over the Rainbow Bridge.
For as much as I try to replace my old friend, I make new ones.
For old friends can never be replaced, just remembered.

New friends become old, and as old friends pass in my arms.

I will always be...

Watching old friends go over the Rainbow Bridge.

Dedicated to all my pets that I have ever had, and will have in my lifetime.

I will see you over the Rainbow Bridge one day...but never soon enough.