No more! Why? Because.
By: Cyberpawz

No more pets!
Because, I can't take it any more, the pain of loosing a pet.

No more care!
Because, I don't have the time to give like I use to.

No more love!
Because, I have no more to give after the last ones.

No more room!
Because, I can't care for them like I use to.

No more lies!
Because, I can't live without them.
Because, I need someone to fill the hole they left.
Because, they understand me.
Because, they don't judge me.

How come no matter how many times we say no more, it always seems to never be the last time?  No more pain, no more tears, no more pets, no more heartaches who are we fooling we can't live without them.  Their twitching noses, their twitching whiskers, their big emotional eyes, and their even bigger heart.  When will we finally say no more, for real?

For me, it will be the day I die for then, I will be with the ones I said no more to. I will never be able to keep that promise because it was always going to be no more after that last one no more heartaches, no more pain.

To fill an empty hole the last one left, no more will be a long time away.

© 2003