No Name
By: Cyberpawz

Brought over by neighbors.
Plastic bag.
Dirty pink underwear.
And a pink holed box.
Brown nose peeking though, nibbling on a chip.
Asked if I can take him.
Was attacked by their cat.

I take.
Give food.
Give water.
Give comfort.
Give love.

Ask for help.
Told to go to Emergency Vet.
Call for help.
$105 for help.
Looks in wallet $35.
Says ok, and goes.

Take mouse.
Asked name.
Given name.
No Name.
Asked sex.
Don't know.
Given sex.
Asked age.
3 to 5 months.
Asked to wait.

Give chips to mouse.
Mouse nibbles and watches me.
Pet mouse.
Mouse nibbles chip.

Goes in to small room.
Place tank on table.
Mouse looks and nibbles.
Gets water.

Take sip of soda.
Talks about options.
$105 for checkup.
$35 in wallet.
Vet says not a good idea.
May kill mouse trying.
$300 ?$1500+
$35 in wallet.
Medication and hope?
$30 and prayers.
Mouse not expected to live past two days.
Put to sleep.
$30, and pain gone.

Tears well up.
Chin trembles.
Takes tissue.
Remembers gunipig.
Too soon.
But knows it for the best.

Given time alone.
Mouse nibbles on chip.
I cry.
I don't know.
Was hoping.
Give it a chance.
Give it peace from pain.

Vet comes back.
Metal tin in hand
I try to pick up.
No Name runs.
I laugh.
Fighter to the end.
I catch.
No Name stops moving.
Put in tin.
Nose peeking out.
Give Chip in Tin.
Hear Nibbling
Grab tissue and cry.

Vet takes No Name.
I slump in Chair.
I sigh.
I weep.
I cry.
I don't know.
Maybe because I care?

I take folder.
Matt Ridge
Pet Name.
No Name.


No Name
Sleep in peace.
Sleep without pain.
Play in the fields.
Play in the day.
Eat all day.
Sleep all night.
Enjoy your stay.
For no more pain.
You will ever know.
Wait for me.
One day soon.
I will see you.
Over the Rainbow Bridge.
Till that day.
I will pray.
That you remember.
That one day.
Thay someone cared.
Just enough.
To let you go.
Enjoy your time.
Over the Rainbow Bridge.
For one day soon.
I will be there again.
To take care of you.



© 2003